Sound Healing


Sound healing is the perfect way to deepen your relaxation and feel rejuvenated.  Its a massage for your soul, simply connect to your mind, body and spirit with the beauty and waves of the sounds.

"Sound has the power to awaken the subconscious to the things we aren't even aware of.

Once we have an awareness, we can then choose to empower ourselves to make change."

A serene mind is the healing sanctuary of sound.

Sound healing is an ancient method of restructuring energy to benefit the person. We use singing bowls which balance the vibrating energy within the body. These beautiful bowls help to stimulate brainwaves providing many health benefits, some of which include:

•boosting mental clarity
•balancing chakras and meridians
•increases concentration
•provides stress relief
•quietens worries and anxious thoughts

When we have blocked energy within the body it can become uncomfortable and cause many physical symptoms.
Stress is one of the main causes of discomforting sensations in the body such as: allergies, anxiety, mood imbalances, food intolerances, physical pain, insomnia, lower immune system and much more.

By using sound, the vibrations change the cells back to the body's natural state.
Sound therapy is used as a natural, long-term, healthy approach to bring the body back to healthy levels and put the body at ease.

Sound healing relaxes and energises you at the same time. You simply lay comfortably and listen to the beauty of the bowls and let them work their magic.

Serene Mind offers, group sound baths for private, public, and corporate events. We also offer 121 sound therapy for our clients, these can be a one-off session or to maximise the benefits they can be purchased as a block of 4. Gift vouchers are also available.

Location for Sound Bath & Group Healing Sound Bath

The Old School,
Gubbins Lane,


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