I had the most amazing sleep!!

I’m terrible sleepwalker and bad sleeper but last night I literally zonked right out. My anxiety has been so much better after our session.

Lisa Jobson

I personally felt extremely relaxed afterwards. My neck tension melted away, but more than that I feel calmer, paceful and feel there’s more to come! Can’t wait to learn more. You have a real gift.

Sharon Howlett

There’s times in your life when you cross paths with a real life angel – and I have no doubt that Danielle is one of those. I am lucky enough to call Danielle one of very good friends, too. I’ve had a number of sessions with Danielle now and they have been nothing short of amazaing, magical and calming. Danielle has discovered her very special gift and I’ve been lucky enough to feel it firsrt hand. As a friend, as a client, I urge anyone to pick up the phone to her. There’s a very good chance she could help turn your life around. 

Hannah Jago

Amazing experience, I feel renewed! I have literally told everyone about you! 

Charis Boyd

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